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On September 16, 2012 by StudioMetzger

Through the official CafePress fan portals, I am allowed to create great designs for popular movies & TV shows. One of the movies is the cult Christmas classic A Christmas Story. This is a childhood favorite of a lot of people my age.

I remember the first time I watched it was in middle school health class. I think it was a Christmas gift from our teacher. To be honest, I did not like the movie at the time. I think most of the jokes went over my head or perhaps I was too busy talking with my friends instead of watching the movie. Or more likely, I was busy drawing some new great piece of art in the corner of a homework assignment.

Never-the-less, I did not watch the movie again until after I got married. It happens to be one of my husband’s favorite movies. So, we own it. And the kids watch this movie all year long. I now get the humor and now I really like this movie. It is hilarious. And now one of my favorite movies to watch at Christmastime.

So, that is why I am happy to release my first contribution to the fan portal. This design, Major Award Leg Lamp, is available on a wide variety of t-shirts, hoodies, buttons & flair, drinkware, home decor and even Christmas ornaments & stockings!

A Christmas Story Major Award Leg Lamp Hoodie

A Christmas Story Major Award Leg Lamp 3 Quarter Sleeve Shirt

A Christmas Story Major Award Leg Lamp Buttons

A Christmas Story Major Award Leg Lamp Mugs

A Christmas Story Major Award Leg Lamp Ornaments

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