CafePress API back up for developers

On May 22, 2013 by StudioMetzger

I am not a developer. But, I miss all the cool tools that were created by talented developers that made our lives as CafePress shopkeepers easier. CafePress just announced in the public forums that the API have been revamped and debugged. As Jason Falls (VP, Digital Strategy CafePress Inc.) said…

Just wanted the community to know we have recently revamped our API, so any developers you know (or you are) now have an improved, de-bugged API to access.

This is very exciting indeed. I hope that some of my favorite developers relaunch some of the old tools or create new ones. I want a multi-shop search, pagination, sort order within sections, etc.

And with CPshops dead (post about that coming), it would be great to get another tool similar to CPshops that we could use for affiliating and hosting our shops on our own domain.

For more information:

Cafepress Developer Platform.

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