Freeman or Atkinson Family Photo Restoration

On January 26, 2015 by StudioMetzger

One of my hobbies it genealogy research. In one of the Facebook groups that I belong to, a woman posted the following photo asking for help identifying the people in the photo. She was also in need of having the photo cleaned up a little bit to help identify they people in the photo. She believes the family is the Freeman or Atkinson family of either Georgia or Alabama.


She did not necessarily ask anyone to do any photo restoration, but several people tried to do their part in making the photo clearer in order to better identify the photo. I decided to go ahead and do a quick photo restoration for her. I left the edges of the photo as is in order to keep that nostalgic and antique feel. I used several tools in PhotoShop to erase damage and recreate parts of the photo that were missing. Half the face of the woman in the middle was badly damaged. I cleaned up what I could and then I duplicated her good eye to recreate her damaged eye. The most challenging part was that the second man has no face at all. There is no way to know what this man really looked like unless I had access to another photo of the man, which I do not. Taking a leap of faith that perhaps the two men were related I used the face of the older man and recreated the face of the younger man by making the face slimmer and younger looking. Of course, this is probably not what he really looked like but, I figured it was better than keeping his face damaged. Here is my restored version.


If you know who the family in the photo is please contact me and I can get that information to the descendent who posted the photo.

If you have an old family photo of your ancestors or family that you would like to have restored, please contact me to find out if I can restore your photo and a quote.

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